Why Clean Your Air?

Febreze Air Purifiers remove airborne pollutants from the air that passes through the filters. They help capture particles such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander AND help eliminate common household odors.

What is a Micron and how small is it?

Particles are measured in microns.1 micron = 1/25,000 of an inch.

About 2,000 microns of matter will fit across the diameter of a pinhead!


The Air We Breathe

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times (and even up to 100x) more polluted than outdoor air.

Most people take around 21,000 breaths per day.

People spend approximately 90% of their time indoors.

The air inside your home can contain harmful particles and VOCs, in addition to household odors such as those commonly found in bathrooms,kitchens, laundry rooms and pet areas.

Using a Febreze air purifier can help reduce the amount of airborne particles in your room, as well as add a fresh Febreze scent to the air.

The Air We BreatheThe Air We Breathe
The Air We BreatheThe Air We Breathe

Why Febreze?

Why FebrezeWhy Febreze

From pets to smelly sports gear, most homes have challenging odor issues. Febreze Air Purifiers will capture airborne particles and odors and add fresh Febreze scent to make your room smell cleaner and fresher!

Dust in your home?

Dust typically contains small amounts of plant pollen, human and animal skin flakes and hair, textile and paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soils, insect debris and more.
Febreze Air Purifiers are proven effective at capturing particles from the air that passes through the filter. When operated in the recommended room size, the air in the room can be circulated and cleaned up to 5X per hour!1,3

With Febreze Air Purifiers, you can count on a Fresher Clean!

  1. Dirty, stale, odor-filled air is drawn into the air purifier by a strong fan.
  2. The Dual Action Filter has a specially formulated carbon pre-filter that traps household odors and larger airborne particles, such as pet hair, lint and dust.1
  3. As the air moves through the filter, microscopic particles are captured.¹
  4. Fresh Febreze linen & sky scent is added to the filtered air before it is released back into the room.
Air PurifiersAir Purifiers

Easy Steps to Fresher, Cleaner Air

  1. Open the Scent Cartridge Compartment.
  2. Insert the Febreze Air Purifier Scent Cartridge.
  3. Choose the level of scent desired.
  4. Set cleaning level.
Air PurifiersAir Purifiers

Replacing the Filters is Easy!

  1. The Dual Action Febreze Filters with built-in pre-filter come wrapped to ensure purity.
  2. Turn off and unplug the air purifier.
  3. Press the top latch downward to release the rear grille, and pull the grille towards you to remove it.
  4. Pull the ribbon tabs to remove the used filter(s) from the unit.
  5. Remove protective wrap from the new filter(s).
  6. Place back into the air purifier housing with black side facing out toward the rear grille.
  7. Snap the rear grille back into place.
  8. Hold down the Electronic Filter Check button to reset the timer.

NOTE: The Febreze filters are not washable. Do not immerse in water.

Replacing the FiltersReplacing the Filters

Tips for Having Cleaner Air in your Home

Cleaner Air in your HomeCleaner Air in your Home

Regular surface cleaning will help remove particles that have settled on your floors, blinds, drapes, and other surfaces in your home. It will also help keep these particles from getting “stirred up,” so they don’t become airborne again.

Other tips include:

  • Keep vacuum cleaner canisters cleaned out or replace bags frequently.
  • Bathe pets regularly to help keep pet dander at lower levels.
  • Remove any mold you might find in your home immediately to help prevent the mold from becoming airborne.

Use a Portable Febreze Air Purifier:

For fresher, cleaner air all year long, use a portable air cleaner in rooms where you spend the most time, including bedrooms, the living room, home office and even kitchen!

Febreze Air Purifiers will help:

  • Capture airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke particles.1
  • The Dual Action Air Filter also traps and eliminates common household odors.1
  • The air in the room will be freshened with Febreze linen & sky scent.
  • Room air can be cleaned up to 5x per hour.2,3
Air PurifiersAir Purifiers

Schedule frequent inspections

Contact your oil or gas company regularly to inspect your furnace, gas water heater, range, and gas clothes dryer for any leaks. If leaks are present, get them fixed immediately. Also, ensure that carbon monoxide detectors are installed and working properly.5
Air PurifiersAir Purifiers

Ventilate whenever possible

When the weather permits and pollen counts are low, open up the windows and doors in your home to let fresh air in and allow it to circulate in the room.
Ventilate whenever possibleVentilate whenever possible

Say Yes to FreshTM and OdorGrab® are trademarks owned by Helen of Troy Limited.

1 From the air that passes through the filter, 2 microns and larger. Overall particle reduction depends on many factors including the amount of air processed, the pollutant type, and the pollutant’s introduction rate into the environment.

2Based on 3rd party independent CADR testing for smoke CADR value, when operated at the high speed. Air changes per hour calculations are based on smoke CADR value x 60 minutes divided by the listed room volume (LxWxH) assuming an 8 foot ceiling.

3 Air circulation depends on many factors, such as room size and configuration. There is no guarantee that all of the air in a room will pass through the filter.

4 The U.S. EPA defines harmful particles as those that are 2.5 microns or less.

5 Note that air purifiers do not reduce carbon monoxide gas. If carbon monoxide gas is present in your home, contact your local emergency services.

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