Febreze® OdorGrab™ Air Cleaner

Room Size:

Model Number: FHT150W


​Febreze® OdorGrab™ Air cleaner effectively captures tobacco smoke and other common household odors, from the air that passes through the filter, leaving the air cleaner and fresher. This air cleaner is the perfect size to put anywhere that needs a little bit of freshness!

  • Febreze® Air Cleaner helps captures household odors while circulating cleaner and fresher air. Perfect for smaller spaces like litter boxes/pet beds, bathrooms, dorm rooms, laundry rooms, or mud rooms.
  • The carbon infused OdorGrab™ filter targets tobacco smoke, kitchen odors, pet odors, pet dander and dust; filtering the air and then circulating fresh Febreze® scent. Includes 1 OdorGrab™ filter (Model # FRF105) and 1 Febreze® linen & sky™ scent cartridge. Replacement scent cartridges available in two scents linen & sky™ (model # FRF102L) and spring & renewal™ (model # FRF102P).
  • Easy to use – 2 air cleaning levels and ability to control the scent. Convenient filter and scent replacement reminders.
  • Say Yes to Fresh! Febreze® Air Cleaners offer odor-reduction and freshness for small spaces. 1-year warranty.

Product Specifications